The Lesbian

Acting Like a Lesbian

One of the most fun thing that I’ve done in the last few months was acting like a Lesbian at gay bars.  I’m what you’d consider a cute girl.  I’m a little tomboyish already, but I really turned that on recently at a gay bar.  Girls were buying me drinks within minutes of sitting down.  It was fun.  I played along with the whole game for the whole night.

What I learned:

Acting is the key to life.  Acting is what all good salespeople do to make their money.  Acting is what business owners do to put themselves into a better light.  Acting is what we pay serious money for when we go to the movies.

My Focus:

I will be focusing on my acting skills.  When you are in a situation in which you need to act a certain way there’s a little thing that you must do.  You must take your emotions out of the situation.  Many people are unable to separate themselves from their emotions and fail at life.  They fail in their relationships.  They fail in their business.  More often then not the more emotional a person is the more likely they are going to be an employee than a business owner.  The thing you must do is shed all emotions from the role that you’re playing.  One you do that you’ll learn that the person inside of you is great.  The role is what you’re playing.  It’s all just a little game.  One of the greatest salespersons of all times talks about the importance of separating your I from your R which means YOU from your ROLE.  Check the video out below.